Lecturer: Prof.Dr. Hayri SEVER

This course aims to cover innovative fundamentals of game design including but not limited to players, game play, experiences, mechanics, the process of balancing a game, and modeling the user experiences.

Furthermore, it explores the theories and principles of game design, and details methods for the design and evaluation process of games. Ultimately, the goal is to introduce the innovative aspects of game design and development.


This course requires a laptop computer with appropriate 3D acceleration technology to participate in workshops/studio hours!

After the successful completion of this course, the students will

  1. Understand and practice the process of understand the theory and practice of game design
  2. Apply game design and development processes, analyze creative techniques for stimulating the generation of design ideas, techniques for evaluating the success of game designs, and techniques for game prototyping.
  3. Gain practical experience in game design and development.
  4. Develop a group project involving the iterative design, evaluation and implementation of a simple digital game.